Pending deal(s), Closed deal(s) with missing agent
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To perform analytics on deals closed individually by agents or on an overall brokerage level, Auctm picks up the Agent Name from FollowUpBoss associated with that deal.

The deals with missing agent won’t appear in Auctm in the following scenarios:

  1. When a filter on a team or agent is applied, the deals with missing agents won’t reflect in “deals report”.

  2. Deals with missing agents won’t reflect with or without filters on “Efforts and deals Table”.

You can easily fix this issue depending on your chosen source of deals data.

FollowUpBoss Integration

Make sure that all the deals in FUB are entered along with the associated Agent’s name. You can find the deals with missing agents in the deals reporting section. Unfortunately, in FollowUpBoss, you can’t filter deals with missing agents. However for a small number of such deals, those deals with missing agents can be identified when the "People" column is blank for deals.

In case you face any difficulty in fixing this issue or have too many deals for which the information needs to be updated, feel free to contact us via chat support to get help from our customer success specialists for mass correction.

Sheet Integration

If your deals’ data is integrated from G-sheet, providing the agent information in the shared Google sheet is mandatory There can be 2 possible reasons for this error-

  • An existing agent’s account getting deleted from the CRM

  • Agent Name missing from that particular deal

In order to identify such deals and take corrective actions, please contact us via chat support to get help from our customer success specialists.

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