Pending deal(s), Closed deal(s) with missing lead
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When the lead is missing from a deal and you filter by Source or Zipcode, Auctm is unable to categorize such deals on its Dashboard and this can be seen in the troubleshoot dialog.

You can fix this issue by various methods depending on your chosen source of deals data.

FollowUpBoss Integration

Make sure that all the deals in FUB are entered along with the associated lead. You can find the deals with missing leads in the deals reporting section. Unfortunately, in FollowUpBoss, you can’t filter deals with missing leads. However for a small number of deals, in the reporting section, you can find a deal with missing lead and add it there itself.

In case you face any difficulty in fixing this issue or have too many deals for which the information needs to be updated, feel free to contact us via chat support to get help from our customer success specialists for mass correction.

Sheet Integration

In order to compute deals with leads, Auctm uses unique identifiers like lead ID, name, phone number etc. to match the leads existing in your CRM. Make sure to update lead ID with every deal that you add on G-sheet.

If you have chosen this mode of integration and are seeing this error in the troubleshoot dialog, please contact us via chat support to provide missing lead related information.

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