Pending deal(s), Closed deal(s) with missing close date
Written by Robin
Updated over a week ago

When a pending or closed deal does not have an associated Close date, we are unable to categorize and account it when you select any timeframe filter other than “All time”. Number of such deals can be seen in the troubleshooting dialog.

Depending on your Source of deals Integration, please take the following suggested actions to fix this problem.

FollowUpBoss Integration

Make sure that all the deals in your CRM are entered along with the corresponding close date. In case of FollowUpBoss, you can find the deals with missing close date in the deals reporting section by selecting the timeframe of “All time”.

From the reporting section, any deal with a missing close date can be edited as shown in the screenshot below.

In case you face any difficulty in fixing this issue or have too many deals for which the information needs to be updated, feel free to contact us via chat support to get help from our customer success specialists for mass correction.

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