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Leverage your Ylopo Leads with Ylopo Premium Rules
Leverage your Ylopo Leads with Ylopo Premium Rules
Written by Robin
Updated over a week ago

Many teams in the real estate market use Ylopo as a source of high-quality leads and Ylopo provides tags and notes for each of the lead events that happen.

As some of these tags and notes such as a lead requests a showing or gives a new phone number is more important than the others such as when a lead visits a property, it is crucial to be able to differentiate them as a smarter way to identify and leverage leads on Ylopo alerts.

Auctm now provides you with Ylopo Premium Rules in the lead management dashboard in Auctm to smartly manage all your Ylopo leads. The premium rules provide you with two rules in which the leads would be separated based on the keywords and keyphrases added by Ylopo in the notes:

  1. Ylopo Premium Rule- High Priority

    A lead would fall in this rule if the following phrases are identified:

  • Ylopo AI has engaged

  • Requested a showing or in-person tour

  • Viewed your Homebot Digest Report

  • Got re-engaged via remarketing campaign

  • Called your Ylopo AI Assistant's texting number

  • Engaged with your seller experience

  • Searched in a custom area

  • Gave New number via Bad Number campaign

2. Ylopo Premium Rule- Medium Priority

A lead identified with any other key phrases other than the ones in high priority would fall under this rule

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